ShapeShift DAO's Engineering Workstream would be happy to support IOTA community devs in adding IOTA and IOTA's upcoming Layer 2 to the following ShapeShift's open-source projects in order:

  1. HDWallet
  2. Unchained
  3. Chain Adapters
  4. ShapeShift Web (ShapeShift developers can handle this step)

This will enable ShapeShift as well as other apps that choose to use these libraries to send/receive IOTA & IOTA Layer 2's native asset and view balances and transaction history, and will also pave the way for buying/selling and cross-chain swapping once IOTA and/or IOTA's Layer 2 assets are supported on fiat on/off ramps (ie. OnJuno) or DEX trading protocols (ie. THORChain) also integrated with ShapeShift. Further, as DeFi protocols begin to launch on IOTA's upcoming Layer 2, they can integrate themselves with ShapeShift Web, exposing themselves to ShapeShift users and potentially even forgoing the need to develop and host their own UI.

Next Steps

HDWallet (including ShapeShift Native Wallet and KeepKey) is ready for IOTA to be added now. On November 19th, we expect ShapeShift's Unchained & Chain adapters libraries to be in a position for any chain, including IOTA, to come add themselves.

As the first chain that is ready to add themselves to Unchained, ShapeShift DAO's Engineering Workstream is happy to provide guidance and support. We hope this will make up for the current lack of comprehensive documentation, and are confident that this will be a worthwhile endeavor for both communities to complete this in time for IOTA Layer 2's upcoming launch.


HDWallet - open source library that makes it easy for app developers to integrate multiple wallets at once, including Ledger, Trezor, KeepKey, Portis, MetaMask, and ShapeShift Native, the wallet for ShapeShift's mobile app and ShapeShift web. Community members can add support for new chains to HDWallet as well as ShapeShift Native Wallet and KeepKey.

ChainAdapters - vertical coinstacks for handling specifics of each chain as well as client side abstraction layer that makes unique chains feel identical to the front end.