<aside> 💡 Details of the airdrop are still being drafted. Below are some thoughts.


FOXChain is a public good that can be used by anyone and everyone in the blockchain space. Because of that, there’s a strong desire to limit any insiders from receiving NT, and to maximize the amount delivered to airdrop recipients.

The main goals of the airdrop are

Michael Perklin has stated that he prefers an airdrop that distributes tokens to as many DAOs and communities that depend on centralized blockchain data sources as possible. In addition, where many other airdrops carve out tranches for insiders such as early investors, development teams, and advisors, Michael has stated his preference for a simple airdrop with only two tranches: The Community Pool and Airdrop Recipients in a 50:50 split.


Community Pool

There are many things that can help FOXChain grow, and to fund these things, we need a strong community treasury.

Where other airdrops carved out allocations for things that need funding, it is possible to fund all of these things directly out of the Community Pool via early proposals.

Some examples of the very first proposals could be:

  1. Issue back-pay to the developers, engineers, economists, architects, and team that built FOXChain from the ground up.
  2. Participate in a token-swap event with other DAOs (such as Osmosis)
  3. Deposit x funds from the Community Pool to establish a new pool on Osmosis
  4. Provide y funds as incentives for LPing into a new pool on Osmosis

<aside> 💡 It’s important to note that these ideas for the first few governance votes are not cemented in stone


<aside> 💡 The airdrop amounts, recipients, and community pool allocations contemplated here are all just draft ideas and are subject to change. If you have comments or feedback, you should make your voice heard!


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