## Our Pledge

We as members, contributors, and leaders pledge to make participation in our community a harassment-free experience for everyone

We pledge to act and interact in ways that contribute to an open, welcoming, diverse, inclusive, and healthy community.

Our Standards

Examples of behavior that contributes to a positive environment for our community include:

Examples of unacceptable behavior include:

Enforcement Responsibilities

Moderators are responsible for clarifying and enforcing our standards of acceptable behavior and will take appropriate and fair corrective action in response to any behavior that they deem inappropriate, threatening, offensive, or harmful.

Moderators have the right and responsibility to remove, edit, or reject comments, commits, code, edits, issues, and other contributions that are not aligned to this Code of Conduct, and will communicate reasons for moderation decisions when appropriate.


This Code of Conduct applies within all community spaces, and also applies when an individual is officially representing the community in public spaces. Examples of representing our community include using an official e-mail address, posting via an official social media account, or acting as an appointed representative at an online or offline event.

## Enforcement

Instances of abusive, harassing, or otherwise unacceptable behavior may be reported to the Moderation Workstream responsible for enforcement at [giantkin(at)giantkin.com], Discord - Tag Modsquad, Telegram - Giantkin or via the https://bit.ly/QuestionsAndFeedback Form All complaints will be reviewed and investigated fairly. The Moderation Workstream has the authority to use any tools available to them to enforce the Code of Conduct. If it is ever unclear whether or not a community member has violated the code or what the appropriate enforcement steps should be, the Moderation Workstream is welcome to hold a vote or discussion with other community members to help inform their decision. Ultimately the community of FOX Token holders has final say, and any decision made my the Moderation Workstream, as well as changes to this code or enforcement process, can be changed via governance. All Moderators are obligated to respect the privacy and security of the reporter of any incident.

## Enforcement Guidelines

Moderator's will follow these Community Impact Guidelines in determining the consequences for any action they deem in violation of this Code of Conduct:

ALL Enforcements are on a case by case basis and at the sole discretion of the Moderation Workstream.

### 1. Correction

Flagged items can be hidden/deleted until review.

### 2. Warning

Community Impact: A violation through a single incident or series of actions.

Consequence: A warning with consequences for continued behavior. Optionally, moderation may require that the community member to whom a warning was issued cease interaction with the other community member(s) involved, including unsolicited interaction with those enforcing the Code of Conduct, for a specified period of time. This includes avoiding interactions in community spaces as well as external channels like social media. Violating these terms may lead to a temporary or permanent ban.

** the intent of a warning is to inform the community member that he/she has engaged in repeated violations of the code of conduct, and subsequent violations may result at any time in either a temporary or permanent ban, depending on the severity of the violation.

3. Temporary Ban (as possible)

Community Impact: A serious violation of community standards, including sustained inappropriate behavior.

Consequence: A temporary ban from any sort of interaction or public communication with the community for a specified period of time. No public or private interaction with the people involved, including unsolicited interaction with those enforcing the Code of Conduct, is allowed during this period. Violating these terms may lead to a permanent ban.

4. Permanent Ban

Community Impact: Demonstrating a pattern of violation of community standards, including sustained inappropriate behavior, harassment of an individual, or aggression toward or disparagement of classes of individuals.

Consequence: A permanent ban from any sort of public interaction within the community.

Appeal Process

Appealing a ban or asking for a review of moderation actions can be done by contacting [giantkin(at)giantkin.com], Discord - Tag Modsquad, Telegram - Giantkin or via the https://bit.ly/QuestionsAndFeedback Form Forum - Giantkin

Alternatively, any decision made by the Moderation Workstream can be appealed via governance

This Code of Conduct is adapted from the Contributor Covenant, version 2.1, available at https://www.contributor-covenant.org/version/2/1/code_of_conduct.html.

Community Impact Guidelines were inspired by Mozilla's code of conduct enforcement ladder.

For answers to common questions about this code of conduct, see the FAQ at https://www.contributor-covenant.org/faq. Translations are available at https://www.contributor-covenant.org/translations.