Notes & Recordings


This is a work in progress. Based on conversations thus far, order of working sessions is:

  1. Appreciations / Hopes Pairing Exercise - Josh
  2. Retro from the inception of DAO to now - Josh
  3. Any conflict work to do? - Josh
  4. Vision / Mission - Willy
  5. Strategy - Kent
  6. Roadmap - Diggy, HPayne, PTT
  7. See how much time we have left and which sessions from the Suggested Sessions table below we want to do (or something else)

Note: There is not a plan to have a projector and screen in the main room. We could use the home theater room for a presentation, and I’d like to keep us in the big room as much as possible. There will be some whiteboards and I’ll bring a sticky-note easel pad and sticky notes. So, we’ll be going as much analog as possible.

Session Suggestions

Session Suggestions

Dates & Location

Dates: December 13th - 15th ; 12th and 16th for travel days with no sessions

Location: Golden, CO (address will be revealed privately to all attendees)