This document is a suggested process for developing and advancing ShapeShift Community Proposals. It is a living document intended to be owned, modified and enforced by the overall community. The FOX Governance process was last updated on March 14, 2022 in accordance with SCP-97.Governance process tl;dr:1. Incubation - 3 day minimum: Post your idea in the relevant Workstream on the forum to obtain feedback from the community, and drop a link in the #incubation channel in Discord to spread awareness. No specific template is needed.2. Ideation - 5 day minimum: Once incubation post has been live in the forum for at least 3 days, post a draft proposal using this template in Proposal Discussion. Then, create a vote on SnapShot with a link to the draft proposal in the forum and begin the title with “[Ideation].” Proposals may continue to be refined based on community feedback during this stage.3. Voting - 3 day minimum, 60 day maximum: After at least 5 days in Ideation, if a draft proposal has more upvotes than downvotes, it can be posted to SnapShot for official vote.

Detailed process:

1. Incubation:

2. Ideation: