How can a distributed den of foxes organize themselves optimally to achieve the greatest success?

Answering this question will be an ongoing journey, but this post intends to serve as a start. The following is an initial organizational structure for the ShapeShift DAO. Community members are invited and encouraged to experiment with, improve, and evolve this structure going forward.

Here are some of the main goals of this structure:

  1. Offer context and clarity on how the ShapeShift DAO functions
  2. Enable anyone to easily start contributing and earning FOX
  3. Enable workstreams to operate with a high level of autonomy to achieve their mission and goals
  4. Maximize governance participation and minimize fatigue
  5. Enable workstreams to securely manage and utilize funds allocated to them from the DAO

WS_Chart (1).png

Latest version of org chart

The ShapeShift DAO is powered by a combination of Snapshot and Gnosis Safe, connected by the reality.eth-powered SafeSnap module.

The Workstreams and Individual Contributors/Squads sections of the chart are powered by Colony on xDAI and controlled by the ShapeShift DAO.

As of the writing of this post, the night before we announce decentralized ShapeShift to the world, only 1 workstream has been defined, and all workstreams are waiting for leaders to apply. Over the coming weeks, I hope to see the following: