Workstreams throughout the DAO have different budgets allotted for covering test funds to complete feature and deployment testing from time to time. Operations maintains custody of a ‘master test fund wallet’ that can be used to fulfill requests.

Operations Test Funds Wallet: 0xA1371748D65baEF4509A3c067b3fe3a1b79183aE

DAO Test Funds tracking sheet


Workstream contributors: if you need ETH test funds for any reason, please follow the examples you see posted in this channel to receive ETH for your testing needs.

Your message should contain the following:

  1. tag @Tyler | ShapeShift in your request.
  2. the amount you are requesting (can be USD amount or ETH amount) test funds are MAINNET ETH only.
  3. The address you are requesting the funds to. (If this is your first funding for a test wallet, please be sure it is a new wallet with no previous tx history)
  4. The reason you are testing (links to relevant github issues are also helpful)

[If you make an error in the request or need to change it, instead of making an edit to the message, delete it and create a new one. Edited requests will not be actioned.]

Tyler will respond to test fund requests with the highest priority. If the request is made outside of M-F 9-5 MST, there may be a slight delay in funds being sent.

Unused test funds can be returned to the Opstestfund funding wallet: 0xA1371748D65baEF4509A3c067b3fe3a1b79183aE

Operations reserves the right to: request more information on reasoning for testing amounts, require strong auth or further approval from core contributors, and/or deny any request that do not meet the needs/standards/requirements for funding with DAO test funds.


There are a number of test transactions that are done for deployment, adhoc and regression testing. We track the price of gwei so that we can save money where possible.

For deployment testing we follow the scope of what’s in the release and complete transactions to a level that we believe tests the functionality of the release appropriately. Even if gas is high, we need to do the tests to sign off on a release. As a result minor fees for the release can be quite high.

For Adhoc testing (PRs not in the daily release but still need testing) we complete the transactions similarly to deployment testing. If we can have 1 to 2 set of eyes on it, we are generally happy with that.

For regression testing we do an average of the past 7 days gas price to find a point of comparison using a gas tracker. If the daily gas price is below the 7 day average we complete the tests required for a regression test. If gas is higher than the average we will do a smoke test only and complete the transactions on a day when gas is lower.

We track all our miner fees to see where we can optimize spend here.