To catch 95% of prod issues during deployment testing process.

To catch user facing issues in production environments in regression tests and #triage them accordingly.

A deployment test completed twice by the Operations Workstream during each release process:

  1. In develop when the initial develop branch is shared in Discord for testing.
  2. In production when the develop branch has been approved and pushed to production.

A full regression test performed once a day by an Operations Workstream contributor.

Operations prioritizes blocking bugs, supporting engineers, and efficiency in the processes already in place over chasing non-blocking bugs for a ‘perfected’ release.


Test Funds

Old agreements

New Testing Agreement

Feature Release Testing Guides

Release Process

Operations has a representative in each release. This representative is responsible for organizing the testing during the deployment, as well as final sign off for Operations in testing both develop and production. The Operations Lead is also responsible for following the outlined release process above, and for filling out the Releases Table below during the release.

New Releases Table

Old Releases Table